Susan Muvhango And Generations Gadaffi’s Pic Leaves Fans In Their Feelings

Susan Muvhango And Generations Gadaffi's Pic

Susan Muvhango And Generations Gadaffi’s Pic Gets Fans In Their Feelings

Muvhango actress, Maumela Mahuwa’s old picture with Generations star, Vuyo Dabula definitely left fans feeling some type of way.

Susan Muvhango And Generations Gadaffi's Pic
Maumela Mahuwa Instagram

The picture is almost 2 years old as it was taken in 2019, but such pictures have a way of resurfacing and making waves once again.

Maumela Mahuwa, who is well known as Susan on Muvhango, once shared a picture with hunky actor, Vuyo Dabula, who is also well known for his role as the thuggish Gadaffi on Generations:The Legacy.

The picture, which showed Vuyo Dabula grinning and putting his arm around Maumela was captioned

Hello Africans late post and late everyday

Susan Muvhango And Generations Gadaffi's Pic
Maumela Mahuwa Instagram

Many fans were curious to know if Maumela was dating Vuyo Dabula, however the two are only friends and colleagues in the acting industry.

Well there is no denying most fans secretly wish that Vuyo Dabula would cross over to Muvhango or rather there can be a Generations-Muvhango crossover where Gadaffi comes over and gives Chief Azwindini a run for his money when he eyes Susan.

Poor Chief Azwindini has had to contend with Tendamudzimu, and he will have to deal with the hot and baddass Gadaffi as well.

That can only happen in our dreams shem.

Not only is Maumela’s Muvhango character, Susan, an epitome of a wise, strong, compassionate and powerful woman, the actress herself also had to overcome some very difficult things during her childhood.

Maumela Mahuwa
Maumela Mahuwa Instagram

Maumela once revealed that she had a very difficult childhood and had a very strained relationship with her mother.

Her mother went on to abandon her and she had to live on her own in Mamvuku for an entire year.

At one point, her mother abandoned her and she had to live on her own and fend for herself.

Maumela disclosed that she used to offer to wash dishes and she would scrape pots for left overs from the neighbours as her family members didn’t often provide her with food.

The actress once recalled an incident when her mother made fun of her dark skin tone, saying she doesn’t bath.

She once said to me in front of my school friend, ‘you know Maumela is not supposed to be this dark; it’s because she doesn’t bath’,”

However Maumela and her mom reconciled and they had made peace before her death.

Talk about being an epitome of grace in motion


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