MaMlambo Uzalo Actress Gugu Gumede Is Richer Than Most People Think

MaMlambo Uzalo Actress Gugu Gumede

MaMlambo Uzalo Actress Gugu Gumede Is Richer Than Most People Think

Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede, has been a subject of much fascination by fans ever since she debuted on the show.

Gugu Gumede, who plays MaMlambo on Uzalo is all about that soft life.

MaMlambo Uzalo Actress Gugu Gumede

In a couple of years she’ll be that rich auntie!

From an impressive shoe collection that most of us can only dream of, to splashing on a luxury R2 Million Range Rover and being a homeowner all at the age of 28.

MaMlambo Uzalo Actress Gugu Gumede

While Gugu Gumede’s net worth is not exactly known, she is believed to be worth millions and the actress herself once said she plans to be a billionaire by the age of 40,meaning she is making major money moves in the background.

The Uzalo actress revealed that she also has a financial advisor, that means she’s pretty serous about securing the bag.

Gugu Gumede studied her acting craft in Los Angeles, US, where she stayed for quite some time.

MaMlambo Uzalo Actress Gugu Gumede

Most fans who’ve had her speak are surprised at her slight American accent.

Gugu Gumede revealed that at college in the US, she was advised to pick up the American accent in order to blend in better and increase her chances of landing acting jobs there.

However on Uzalo, her accent is totally different and she said she doesn’t even speak Zulu the way MaMlambo does.

“There’s no place for my twang when I play Mamlambo. I don’t play Mamlambo with an accent. In fact, I don’t even speak Zulu like Mamlambo” she said

Gugu Gumede is also the daughter of former cabinet minister and politician Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi and her dad Simon Hulumeni Gumede was also a legislator and leading politician.

Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi daughter

The Uzalo actress has often implored people to recognize her for her talent, rather than see her as a daughter to famous parents.

Gugu Gumede also made it clear she doesn’t use her family name to score roles or flex in the industry. All her accomplishments are based on merit alone.


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