Sihle Skeem Saam Actress Accused Of Getting Pregnant By Married Man

Sihle Skeem Saam Actress

Sihle Skeem Saam Actress Accused Of Getting Pregnant By Married Man

Well the Twitter streets are about to get hot for Skeem Saam Actress, Jenny Sicwebu.

Jenny Sicwebu, who plays Sihle on Skeem Saam, is reportedly caught up in a hotter than hell love triangle, with a married man.

Sihle Skeem Saam Actress

Twitter personality who is known for breaking most Mzansi celeb news, who goes by the handle  ‘Man’s Not Barry Roux’ revealed that Jenny has a baby with a married man.

“Jenny O Sicwebu aka Sihle from Skeem Sam was friends with Nthamaga’s husband. She even attended their wedding. Now they have a child together while he is still married to Nthamaga. When Nthamaga went to renew her license disc she found out that her husband sold her car illegally” he wrote

Sihle Skeem Saam Actress

The man in question’s wife, who goes by the name of Nthamaga spilled the tea on Twitter and revealed that Jenny has a baby with her husband, who pawned off her car without consent so he could support Jenny’s child.

*Your precious baby daddy, aka my husband, pawned my car to buy your illegitimate child’s nappies. You’re disgusting!!!” the woman’s tweeted.

According to sources, Jenny Sicwebu was friends with Nthamaga’s husband and at one  point she even attended his wedding with his wife, then they allegedly hooked up.

Sihle Skeem Saam Actress Jenny Sicwebu

The fans’ reactions varied from outrage to indignation and some even came to the Skeem Saam actress’ defense

Here are some of the comments

So ppl mention Jenny cos she is well-known. How about the cheating husband? Nthamaga deal with your cheating husband. Shaming a fellow woman will not help you as that will not stop him from cheating. Open a case with SAPS against your husband for selling your car illegally.

“Jenny owed her friends wife respect !! We women never own up to our bullshit sometimes it’s always someone else”

Jenny Sicwebu hasn’t responded to to the accusations against her as of yet.


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