Caritas Harare Calls for Action: Suppliers Wanted for 2024 Mission

Caritas Harare Calls for Action: Suppliers Wanted for 2024 Mission
Caritas Harare Calls for Action: Suppliers Wanted for 2024 Mission

Caritas Harare Invites Suppliers for 2024 Registration Exercise

Harare, February 6, 2024

Caritas Harare, a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to social development and humanitarian assistance, is inviting reputable companies to participate in its 2024 supplier registration exercise.

The invitation is extended to both current and potential suppliers interested in providing goods and services in various categories to support Caritas Harare’s mission.

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Caritas Harare Calls for Action: Suppliers Wanted for 2024 Mission
Caritas Harare Suppliers

List of Categories for Supplier Registration:

  1. Accommodation, meals & Conference facilities
  2. Borehole Drilling and Installation Services
  3. Building and Construction Services
  4. Car Rentals
  5. Catering Services
  6. Computer Hardware & Consumables
  7. Consultancy Services
  8. Electrical Suppliers and repairs
  9. Evaluators/Auctioneers
  10. Feed mixers and feeders
  11. Freight, Clearing & Forwarding
  12. Fuel Supplies
  13. Generator Installation & repairs
  14. Insurance services
  15. Internet Service Providers
  16. Irrigation Equipment
  17. Maize Stalkers
  18. Motorcycle Suppliers
  19. Motor Vehicles Repairs and Maintenance
  20. Motor Vehicle Suppliers
  21. Networking & Hardware Installations
  22. Office Furniture
  23. Office Maintenance and Repairs
  24. Panel Beaters
  25. Photocopying services
  26. Promotional Materials
  27. Security Services
  28. Solar Equipment and Installation
  29. Stationery and Consumables
  30. Shuttle/ Taxi Services
  31. Tractors and Parts
  32. Tyre Sales and Services
  33. Video & Film production

Application Procedure and Requirements:

People in Zimbabwe are going hungry because of drought

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Interested suppliers and service providers, whether current or prospective, are requested to submit their applications along with the required documents.

Entities with products or services not explicitly mentioned in the categories but deemed relevant are also encouraged to apply. Failure to submit all necessary requirements may result in an unsuccessful application.

Requirements for Supplier Registration:

  1. Letter of Introduction: Including contact details (physical, postal, email addresses, and phone numbers).
  2. Company Profile: With at least three recent, traceable, and contactable trade references.
  3. Proof of Business Physical Address
  4. Certified Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  5. Certified Copy of Current Tax Clearance Certificate (ITF 263 Form)
  6. Certified Copy of VAT Registration Certificate
  7. Certified Copy of CR5 and CR6
  8. Detailed Trade Conditions and Payment Terms
  9. Registration Fee of USD 20: To be deposited in Caritas Harare, Stanbic Bank, Minerva Branch 9140006909220. Please quote the company name on the payment narration.

Interested suppliers must submit their applications to no later than 1600 hrs on February 29, 2024. The submission should clearly indicate the category/categories the supplier is interested in, accompanied by proof of deposit or transfer.

Caritas Harare looks forward to engaging with reputable suppliers to enhance its capacity to deliver impactful programs and initiatives in line with its mission. For further inquiries, please contact the Catholic Development Commission (CADEC) at the provided contact details.

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