The River Latest News: Tumi’s Days Are Numbered

The River Latest News

The River Latest News: Tumi’s Days Are Numbered

The recent happenings on The River have once again created an enemy for ruthless Lindiwe Dikana, and this time it’s someone really close to her, whom she holds so dear.

Lindiwe and Tumi are now pitted against each other and whatever happens between mother and daughter, it will end in tears.

The River Latest News

Lindiwe and Tumi had an estranged and tumultuous relationship in the beginning, but they managed to forgive and heal from the past and found each other again.

However, Lindiwe now knows that Tumi killed Mbali and that has driven a huge wedge between them, albeit one that is deadly.

After Mohumi made moves to get to know his daughter and try to build a relationship with her. Tumi gave in and decided to pay him visit.

Mohumi saw his closeness to Tumi as a way to turn her against Lindiwe, by bringing up the past and reopening old wounds.

The River Latest News

Tumi is well known for being a tad naive and gullible and before long, she had turned against Lindiwe and become best father/daughter buddies with Mohumi.

Lindiwe knew Mohumi was onto her and tried warning Tumi that her father didn’t have her best interests at heart, but Tumi didn’t listen and chose to side with Mohumi.

Mohumi went on to further orchestrate a prison attack and pinned it on Lindiwe, thus driving a deeper wedge between her and Tumi.

Lindiwe decided to bug Tumi’s room as she was suspicious of her skittish behavior and her close relationship to Mohumi.

Not only did Lindiwe hear Tumi badmouthing her, she also heard Tumi confess that she mistakenly killed Mbali, when she was meant to kill Lindiwe.

Tumi and Lindiwe

The River fans know how Mbali’s death broke Lindiwe and delivered one of the most emotional scenes on TV.

Now the fans are speculating that Tumi’s days on The River are numbered, because Lindiwe will definitely strike back in the most drastic of ways.

It’s quite difficult for Lindiwe to kill her own daughter, so she might resort to a punishment which is worse than death, either way the future is not looking good for Tumi


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