Skeem Saam Kwaito Is Not A Seakamela But A Maputla?

Skeem Saam Kwaito

Skeem Saam Kwaito Is Not A Seakamela But A Maputla

Skeem Saam is about to go the ‘who’s your daddy’ route, with their upcoming storyline on the cards.

This follows spoilers that Seakamela’s death will open a can of worms in the family.

Skeem Saam Kwaito

Kwaito Seakamela has always identified as a Seakamela, but that is about to change soon.

Pretty will remember a dark secret from her father’s last visit, which will result in Kwaito taking a paternity test.

While it’s a bit tricky for telenovela writers to use the ‘he doesn’t look like the rest of the kids’ storyline, seeing that unrelated actors play the roles, it seems they are going to ride out Kwaito looking ‘slightly’ different from the Seakamela progeny.

Kwaito has a tumultuous road ahead of him, prompting him to take a paternity test and Charity will read his palm and make a shocking request.

Mantuli and Kwaito are also set to clash after she realizes that he took a paternity test behind her back. This will no doubt cause a rift in the Seakamela household.

Skeem Saam Kwaito

His search for his father might bring to light that Mantuli cheated on her husband and that could be the reason why she separated with Seakamela.

Fans are already running wild with theories that John Maputla is Kwaito’s real father.

Skeem Saam Kwaito
John Maputla

Clement Maosa, the actor who plays Kwaito once revealed that it’s a joy to play the character of Kwaito, saying he has learnt some major lessons from him.

From Kwaito, I’ve learnt that some times being strong and tough is the only option you have. Because being black comes with its own challenges – not being treated fairly and being made to feel like you’re not enough, especially if you are from the village,”

Time to buckle ourselves for the emotional ride in the Seakamela family.


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