Mzansi Celebs Open Up On Suffering From Depression On Social Media

Mzansi Celebs Open Up On Suffering From Depression On Social Media

In the light of Nellie Tembe’s tragic suicide, Mzansi celebs and influencers, have opened up on depression on social media.

AKA’s fiancee met her demise after she jumped from the 10th floor of Pepperclub hotel, in Cape Town.

Mzansi Celebs Open Up

It is believed that Nelli Tembe was suffering from depression, even when she seemingly looked happy on social media.

The night before her death, she was seen partying and having a good time with AKA and many people were left shocked by her drastic move.

Now other high profile celebs have taken to social media to open up on their own depression and anxiety

This was after Dr Carolina Odman started a thread on her mental disorder

Simphiwe Dana, Mel Bala, K Naomi, Brenda Mntambo and Nina Hastie shared their stories.

Mzansi Celebs Open Up
Simphiwe Dana

“I am Simphiwe Dana and I suffer from depression and anxiety. I don’t take meds for the depression as I fear it will affect my creativity. I do take Stresam for the anxiety,”

Mzansi Celebs Open Up
Melanie Bala

“Thank you for sharing. I am Melanie Bala and I’ve suffered from depression, and post-natal depression. I take medication for my anxiety when it flares up. Let’s destigmatise,”

K Naomi

” Thank you for sharing. I am K Naomi Noinyane and in 2018 I found out I had minor depression but chose not to take meds because I was too scared to be reliant on them. I do although still suffer from anxiety. A therapist and my supportive family are my coping mechanisms”

Singer Brenda Mntambo also shared her story on depression and anxiety saying

“This is an introduction to my healing process from the pain I have endured in the past. This is me getting up and not allowing it to consume me like it has. This is me coming back to myself as I have forgotten who I was and honestly I wasn’t functioning well mentally for some time now. This is me pouring my heart to therapy and claiming my life again,”

This prompted several others to open up as well and narrate their journeys, showing that not everyone is okay and that social media is sometimes not a real representation of people’s lives and struggles.


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