Generations Tshidi Actress Letoya Makhene’s Wife Speaks Out On ‘Being Broke’ After ‘Failing To Pay’ R2000 Bill At Fourways Restaurant

Letoya Makhene's Wife Speaks Out

Letoya Makhene’s Wife Speaks Out On Being Broke After Failing To Pay Bill

Generations actress Letoya Makhene-Pulumo and her wife, Lebo Pulumo, have slammed reports that they are broke, after claims that they failed to settle a restaurant bill.

This comes amid reports that Letoya and Lebo ran a R2000 bill at a restaurant in Fourways and were left unable to pay up.

Letoya Makhene's Wife Speaks Out

Lebo fumed at the rumors and said that she and Letoya visit the restaurant 3 times a week and if they were broke, they would not afford their lifestyle.

“My wife and I wine and dine about three times a week. Now explain to me how we can be broke if we can afford to go out so much?”.

“We can send you our bank balance and it is quite healthy.”

Lebo confirmed that they went out for dinner at the Fireroom Sushi Restaurant and ran a bill of over R1 300 but they also she also left a huge tip, amounting the bill to R1 600.

“Our bill came to R1,350 and we ended up paying R1,600 including a tip. Now for people to say that I left my wife behind is just lies – I am always with my wife and would never leave her behind.”

This followed after City Press reported that Letoya Makhene Pulumo, was left stranded at a filling station at night, after Lebo took off when they failed to pay a restaurant bill.

Letoya Makhene's Wife Speaks Out

According to an unnamed source, she received calls and messages from Lebo and Letoya asking her to send them money and she said later Letoya called her, saying that Lebo had left her at the garage and that she had disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

“Letoya was crying. She even told me that she didn’t have money for an Uber. I really felt sorry for her as she was telling me what had happened,” said the source.

Lebo and Letoya feel this is an attack against them and said even the restaurant owner was upset with the news

“We are so perplexed by all of this. Even the owner of the restaurant is angry and has offered to release a statement clearing our names. He has even gone to the extent of offering us a night out on them,”

Their lawyer, Thato Mmamadi released a statement on the issue saying

“We wish to advise that our clients’ rights remain strictly reserved at all times and what is contained below should not be construed as a limitation of any of their rights in turn. “Our clients confirm that they settle their dining bills and as to the specific bill [Fireroom] mentioned, our clients confirm to have settled such a bill.Confirmation may be sought from the restaurant under discussion,” said Mmamadi.

Lebo said she and Letoya are doing well as they have recently launched alternative medicine products under Letoya’s sangoma brand House of Kwegdi.


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