Kelly Khumalo Wades Into Enhle Mbali GBV Allegations On Black Coffee

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Kelly Khumalo Wades Into Enhle Mbali GBV Allegations On Black Coffee

It is a hot topic that has dragged for months now where actress Enhle Mbali is accusing her estranged husband, DJ Black Coffee of physically abusing her during their marriage.

GBV Allegations On Black Coffee
In happier times Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee

The couple is currently going through a nasty divorce which has seen them dragging each other to court numerous times.

In a recent Instagram post, Kelly Khumalo appeared to be addressing this dilemna blasting ladies who shun help advising people to drink water and mind their own businesses when their relationships are kicking, only to speak out on GBV issues when they are tired of their partners.

“I know a lot of you are going to come after me after this but I don’t care. This thing of gender-based violence is a problem and it’s affecting a lot of people but my thing is that when should you get everybody involved because you know what I have seen with survivors of gender-based violence, when things are rosy they don’t want to speak, you want people to drink water and mind our own business up until you don’t want anything to do with him anymore and want us to stop drinking water.

“When should we get people involved, when should you start speaking out? I’m saying you should speak out when you’re still wanting him, even when you still want the relationship go counselling do something don’t only speak out when you don’t anything to do with him anymore,” Kelly said.


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Kelly Khumalo Wades Into Enhle Mbali GBV Allegations On Black Coffee

Meanwhile, Dj Black Coffee recently broke his silence over the gender-based violence charges in a lengthy Twitter thread saying;

In the name of respect and dignity for my family and my children I’ve been quiet but now I feel a need to speak. GBV is major issue in our country, every day we read about horrendous crimes committed by men against women and children.

I personally grew up witnessing GBV in my own household and from a young age I vowed never to allow that to happen again under any circumstances. I DID NOT assault Mbali, the mother of my children. I didn’t do it now and I have never done It before.

It is truly regrettable that she has chosen to mislead the public using the name of GBV and seeking a protection order against me to separate me from my children and our home.

Divorce is never easy but for us it has been especially painful and I’ve spent the last 3 years in and out of intense therapy to deal with it privately. Everyday I am attacked by relentless lies and falsehoods. I DID NOT ASSAULT HER

As a law-abiding citizen, I will absolutely observe the demands of the interim order but will categorically oppose the permanent installation of its prescripts and this is why we are currently in court.


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