What Not To Wear When Going For An Interview-Interview outfits

What Not To Wear When Going For An Interview

What Not To Wear When Going For An Interview-Interview outfit

What Not To Wear When Going For An Interview-Interview outfits
What Not To Wear When Going For An Interview-Interview outfits

Going for a job interview can be quite an overwhelming experience. There are so many things that can help one to get the desired job. This process includes possessing the proper skill set, getting referred for the most suitable opportunities, getting called for the interview after your resume is shortlisted and finally clearing the interview. To get to this stage, it is important to get various aspects right such as interview outfits. This article examines the finer points of interview outfits in detail.

Ill-Fitting Clothes

This includes any type of clothing that is either too tight or too loose. One must also avoid outfits that are too long or too short. Ill-fitted clothes make a person look out of place. A person who has a job interview coming up must always visit his tailor beforehand to prevent unnecessary surprises on the big day.

Excess Makeup Or Flashy Jewelry

While looking your best self is the goal in the interview, too much makeup or flashy jewelry is not the way to go about it. Lots of bracelets or bangles tend to distract the interviewers.

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Interview outfit

People will do well to stay away from dark eyeshadow, bright lipstick, or heavy foundation when it comes to makeup. Potential employees are also advised to cover up any tattoos or body piercings.

It is important to note that some of these rulessome of these rules don’t apply when the applicant is interviewing for a position in the fashion industry.


Yes, people look cool in a hat. But hats are a no-no when it comes to job interviews, and this also holds for hoods and beanies. Additionally, it is entirely okay to listen to music on your way to the interview to calm your nerves. However, keep your earphones away once you reach the office as you don’t want to be seen fumbling with them once you are called in for the interview.

Not Dressing As Per The Work Culture At The Company

This scenario occurs when the candidate has not done his homework on the culture of the organization. Showing up in casual attire at an office or a bank where everyone is suited up or vice-versa can jolt a person’s confidence. This also makes the interviewer rethink whether the candidate is suitable for the job.

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Unkempt Clothes

Unironed outfits, creases, wrinkles, and stains are all signs of a tardy individual, and they immediately send the warning bells ringing in the interviewer’s mind. Make sure to reach the interview venue well ahead of schedule and freshen up before the interview.

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